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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Islamization of Hijrah : Hijrah and its Soul


Assalamualaikum IIUM community…

Early Muharram is the new opening of new paradigm in Muslims’ history. This date was announced as the era of victory and awakening of Islam through the episode of hijrah that was carved beautifully in the history. It was when the process of civilization shaped into the mould of Islam and the sacrifice in Hijrah itself had become the turning point of the spreading of Islam until today.  

For a student especially in IIUM, and also other campuses, there are numerous lessons that we can take from the episode of hijrah either explicitly or implicitly. If we discuss it literally, it is insufficient for us as humans to really understand the meaning of Hijrah. If we look into it from philosophical view, it is easy to understand that hijrah brings the meaning of changes either in the form of revolution or evolution. The changes from bad to good, from good to better and finally the changes to be the best. Hijrah elaborates the process into bigger visions that are sacrifice and spreading of Islam.

Among the concepts of hijrah:
* Hijrah in belief (i‘tiqadiyah).
* Hijrah in worshipping system (Ta’abbudiyah).
* Hijrah in the forms of moral and ethics. (Akhlaqiyah).
* Hijrah in thinking and culture budaya (Aqliyah Tsaqafiyah).
* Hijrah in family institution (Usrawiyah).
* Hijrah in the community social context. (Ijtima’iyah).

The Real Soul of Hijrah

The real soul of Hijrah can be appreciated from the details of bai’ah (covenant) al-Aqabah the 2nd that was agreed between Rasulullah and few people of Ansar in pilgrimage period 13th year of prophethood.

In the book Musnad Imam Ahmad(no 13934-hasan sanad), Jabir told the event. He asked Rasulullah saw on that day: “What are the details of this covenant O Rasulullah?” Rasulullah then answered:
“All of you, promise me to always:
1.    Obey me in diligence and laziness.
2.    Spend expenses (for Islam) in hardships and easiness.
3.    Practice amar ma’ruf and nahi mungkar
4.    Bold in defending Allah’s religion and not to care others’ insults.
5.    Help me when I arrive Yathrib (Madinah)
6.    Care and defend me as if you want to defend yourselves, your wives and children.

7.    “Heaven is for you!” (Imam al-Hakim and Ibn Hibbah had verified this hadith’s sanad in their books).

Lessons for Ummah
Thus, every person who misses Rasulullah should review each detail of 2nd al-Aqabah covenant deeply, appreciate the explicit lessons and understand the implicit ones and try to apply them. I hope that we can the ummah who are qualified to receive Rasulullah’s syafaat in the hereafter. In another hadith, Rasulullah saw said, “There will be no more hijrah (to Madinah) after the opening of Mecca, but the ones that still exist are jihad and intention. When you are called for jihad you need to answer it.”
Riwayat al-Bukhari no. 2575, Muslim no. 2412)
Wallahu ‘Alam…

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2. Collection of Authentic Hadiths
3. I luv Islam

Izzat Afif Abdullah

Siti Fatimah Azzahra Mohd Nazri

Spirituality and Islamization Secretariat
Students’ Represenative Council 2012/2013

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